MiauBowls™ Premium
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Stainless steel

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If your precious furbaby still makes a big mess when eating while using our MiauBowls Premium, lets us know and we will simply give you your money back.
Meaning you get to keep the bowls for FREE (or you can donate it).

Cat Parents and Furbabies all around the world are loving their MiauBowls Premium😻

The MiauBowls Premium is not only adorable, its also designed for your furbaby to have an amazing dining experience that also leaves less mess for you to clean up!

We are already 120% sure that your cute fur ball is going to love this we just want to make sure you feel that way too.

  • Elevated - The elevated non-slip stand makes sure to put less strain on kittys neck while dining.
  • 95% Spill-Proof - We don't know the exact science behind this, but apparently your baby will not spill while using this bowl, isn't that great?
  • Adjustable Tilt - To make sure the tilt fits kitties needs perfectly.
  • Adorable - It just looks so damn adorable!
  • Lifetime Investment - The MiauBowls Premium are great for the younger furbaby, but even better for the elderly as it greatly reduces the strain on their neck and back.

Give your furbaby an extra special gift today, that is just for them (maybe a bit for you). Order the MiauBowls Premium today and have an ecstatic furbaby tomorrow.

Happy kitty = Happy home.

Product Details

Bowl material - Ceramic or Stainless Steel
Base material - Wood
Bowl capacity - 180g food or 120ml water
Tilt angle - Adjustabale

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